Mission Statement

"To perpetuate the Columbia Theater as a cultural resource"

The Columbia Theater was erected sometime around 1900, and in 1925 became a vaudeville theater. After its conversion into a racquet club in 1957, the building was burned down in the 1970s which resulted in its closing. Purchased at an auction in 1987, the building was renovated by Frank H. Schwaiger with inspiration from Mediterranean cultures. Arranged around an open garden court, the living and work spaces allow for a wide range of activities. Ornamented with art and objects from the world, this architectural gem preserves for us the culture of an era.

To view artworks by Frank Schwaiger:  ARTSY  |  BDG                                                                                          To view artworks by Leslie Laskey: ARTSY  |  BDG                                                                                                Bruno David Gallery: WEBSITE                                                                                                                     Bruno David Projects: WEBSITE